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March 22 2019

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Rollin Crampton. Art International. 1964.

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Galileo’s sketches from Sidereus Nuncius (1610), the first published scientific work based on observations made through a telescope

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Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Roses of Helioglabalus detail, 1888

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Młody Vladimir Nabokov Petersburg 1907
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Cressida Campbell (Australian, b. 1960), Lilies with Indian Cloth, 1994. Woodblock, 82.3 x 48.8 cm.

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 Pablo Picasso in his Studio in Mougins in the South of France, 1965
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Pablo Picasso, Two nudes and a cat (1903)
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German school, An Open book, early 16th century

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Follow   @teighlorrenee . Her blog is  lit ! Im so glad I followed her

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Yamada Murasaki

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Schiaparelli compact case.

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